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CST/Berger SAL28ND

CST/Berger SAL28ND

Brand: CST Berger
Product Code: CST/Berger SAL28ND
Availability: In Stock

CST/Berger SAL28ND

  • Magnetically-dampened, wire-hung compensator for optimum range and accuracy
  • Compensator lock protects instrument during transport or storage; also acts as a handy compensator checking tool
  • Large effective aperture and minimum focus of 1 foot
  • Top-mounted optical sight for quick reference
  • Large, easy-to-use precise focusing knob
  • Easy-to-read horizontal circle
  • Right angle prism for easy bubble viewing
  • Sealed, dust-protected leveling screws
  • Water-resistant, sealed construction plus sunshade for use in various weather conditions
  • Fine motion knobs on left and right sides with friction-braked rotation, endless horizontal drive
  • 1:100 stadia for distance estimation
  • 5/8-in-11 threads to fit standard tripods


Spesifikasi - CST/Berger SAL28ND

  • Magnification:     28x
  • Leveling Accuracy: 1/16-in @ 100-ft
  • Range:     350-ft
  • Angle Accuracy: 1 Degree
  • Clear Objective Aperture: 1.57-in
  • Compensator Setting Accuracy:     0.5-in
  • Standard Deviation for 1 km Double-Run Leveling: 0.06-in
  • Tripod Thread:     5/8-in-11
  • Applications:     Exterior Leveling
  • Shipping Weight: 7.25 lbs.

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